International Speaker/Author/Masters in Clinical Psychology/ Masters Sports Psychologist/Licensed Marriage-Transitions Consultant/Demartini Global Facilitator:

Learn how to be resourceful in your perceptions and actions,
Get your work out in today, pamper your physical body, nourish your mental values,
expand your spiritual steps in being the very best version of yourself today,
serve with integrity to yourself and everyone involved,
love who you say you love,
create transitions with an inspiring heart,
 be grateful and wise.
Love the day.

Available for private consultation/(ind./couples - marriage/divorce) and more. Please inquire/schedule here for in person or skype:  713-320-1521

Hosts open to facilitate this event. Commission for host. 
London, England
Corinthia Hotel, 5pm-7pm  Trefalgar Square

"How to Communicate in Your Mate's Value System" 

January 3, 2013

New York City, Manhattan.
10-Noon, Pierre Hotel
" Winning Your Mate and Understanding how to communicate in their values and how they will learn to communicate in yours in order to have a win win Love".

January 11th, 2013

Houston, TX
Four Seasons Hotel Women's Conference
Entrepreneurial Purpose
12-2pm "The Beautiful You Women's Lecture"

January 16, 2013
Austin, TX 
 Four Seasons Hotel 
"Save Your Marriage (both parties agree to attend). Couple Fee Only.

February 15, 2013
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Manhattan, NYC
Empowering The Beautiful You (Handbook included)

February 22 2013
Morning Event
10-12pm Ft Lauderdale, FL
Discovering the blessing in your Relationships
"Trump" Ivanka Jewelry raffle.

As a leading competitor, world class athlete, post grad educationional goldmine of knowledge, STARR, since early childhood, has known the thrills and challenges of being ahead of the competition. Such leadership has fueled her life as she has pursued her many inspiring dreams and also holds a position with the Cambridge Who's Who in America awarded in 2011. Even her exceptional name has guided her destiny.

STARR has experienced and shared her discipline, enthusiasm and focus to many audiences. As an athlete medaling in national and world competition, to now rising and empowering individuals in all walks of life, business, relationships, finance, physical health/wellness/altering perceptions of dis-ease to ease, theStarrCouture fashion label and enhancing lives to be fabulously fit, Starr's mission and decade-to-decade plans deliver her to you as an international professional speaker, again making her world class marks. She will seduce the minds and emotions of individuals empowering their minds and hearts to live their best lives, their most rewarding values, and thus their lives will reap the blessings of their own gift of believing in what is possible.

STARR earned her master's degree in Marriage and Family therapy/behavioral science, and also in Sports Psychology from

our Lady of the Lake in San Antonio. She now uses her experiences from athletic competitions, corporate organizational teamwork-leadership-gratitude, snowball momentum toward success, and her studies of universal principles  of human behavior/emotion, to teach others how to live lives of excellence and balance.

Starr’s mission presently is to inspire with her heartfelt words the minds of others so they may discover their own individual missions, visions, and dreams. Her ability to awaken in others a more purposeful and meaningful life has made her a modern leader and influence in high demand. 

"The masses live in a world of gain and loss; the Masters live in a world of grateful and recognized transformation".

 Inspire Your Perceptions of Your Life with this New CD interview with Dr. John Demartini of STARR.  This is the tool that will alter your mindset to bring about how you Think about what you Bring about. - with Gratitude, STARR

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